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Re: Chroma 75

First off, I would like to say hello to all the fellow list members. I am fairly new to this list and have been lurking for around 6 months now, and this is my first reply to the list, so please be kind. I would also like to state that I think this is a GREAT list, and I hope it stays going strong for a long time to come (I'm sure it will).

> Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 11:32:46 -0500
> From: John_P_Bonin at eFunds_Com
> Subject: Chroma 75
> I talked to GE.  Their Chroma 75 is not available in 36 inches.  Does
> anyone know of an equivalent to the Chroma 75, but in 36 inches?  That
> would be helpful!

I have also been doing some research at the GE website for suitable 'standard usage' (the cheapies) GE 36" F30T12 lamps with the highest initial lumen output and highest temperature rating possible. John, if we only needed 48" bulbs, we would have a pretty decent selection of bulbs (Daylight Ultra/6500k/3050 Initial Lumens/CRI-75 + Chroma 75/7500k/1950 Initial Lumens/CRI-92 combination would be my preferred choice there). But as far as GE bulbs are concerned in our 36" length, I've decided (with help from knowledgable friends in #aquaria on IRC X-Net (shameless plug <g>) that the Daylight/6500k/1900 Initial Lumens/CRI-75 + the Chroma 50/5000k/1650 Initial Lumens/CRI-90 will be the best choice for a 'standard' bulb set-up. I've yet to price these bulbs, but AFAIK they are much less than the application specific (aquarium/plants) bulbs. Hope this helps make your decision a little easier. Again I've only research the GE line of standard bulbs. Phillips, Sylvania, and any of the others have yet to be researched. If I ever will in the future remains to be seen; Depending on how the GE bulbs perform and look. Hopes this helps.
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