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Re: Nitrates/green water/test kits (question)

> I would like to add something to the whole greenwater problem discussion, as I
> have been doing some research in the FINS past discussions. Phil is quite
> correct in his approach, though I must disagree on the "DO NOT add any
> fertilizers" part.

I should have clarified better. My reasoning for stopping all fertilization
is to give the plants a chance to use up any excess nutrients that may be in
the water column after recovering from a green water outbreak. In my case, I
worked up the light duration over the course of a couple of weeks, then
resumed my fertilization regime, again starting with 1/4 dose and increasing
the amount as dictated by the plants. I felt that if the plants were to use
up all/most of the nutrients in the water, then I would have a pretty good
baseline in which to re-establish the balance.

Phil Behrends
Colorado Springs, CO