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Re: Nitrates/green water/test kits (question)

I would like to add something to the whole greenwater problem discussion, as I have been doing some research in the FINS past discussions. Phil is quite correct in his approach, though I must disagree on the "DO NOT add any fertilizers" part. Yes, add some, but not others. Shutting your tank's capacity for recovery does not help it. The Algae must starve, we all agree, and for the only way for higher plants to outcompete algae, is through proper balance of nutrients. Some mysterious post (I can't find it anymore!) many years ago said "Just add Potassium Nitrate." and that's all that was posted, very short, and honestly, I think that person was right. It's working for me right now :-) I wanted to plug for the FINS search engine, who ever mentioned you could look through past posts... thank you! Sears-Conlin, u da man! Thanks,

On a seperate note, has anyone figured out any other reasons besides ORP that Barley straw and H2O2 remove BGA? Under that premonition, seems like anything with a High ORP would remove BGA, and that would give us insight into Cyanobacteria, has anyone tested natural waters where true SAEs are from, is there a low or high ORP? Do they naturally eat BGA? Or do they just like the Blue fuzzy feeling as it goes down?