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Re: Core tiles (Cork)

Alex Holeczy <alex at wmi_com> wrote
Subject: Core Tiles
I am setting up two 20H planted tanks and would like to have a cork
So far the only cork tiles (floor and wall tiles) I have found have a
polyrethane binder to hold the cork together.  Is this the type of cork
tiles that are used as backgrounds or are there natural cork tiles without
the poly binder?  What binder is used?  Would the polyrethane binder be
bad for the fish/plants?
I may use cork bark instead because it is all natural.<<


Try a hobby supply store. You can find cork sheeting on a role thats about
an  inch thick. I buy my corkbark direct from a cork manufacturer. They also
make pressed corkbark, which is flat, heavier, and looks more like slate
than corkbark. It obviously doesnt have the bark texture, which is what I
would rather have They also make tiles and other cork products, but I am not
sure if it is coated with anything or not. Email me off list and I will try
to find more info for you.

Robert Paul H
Homegrown and cultivated plants