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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #481

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 Aquatic Plants Digest    Thursday, August 17 2000    Volume 04 : Number 481
 Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 09:06:38 -0500
 From: Augie Eppler <augiee at bellsouth_net>
 Subject: Re: Florida Flag Fish Freedom
 David A. Youngker Wrote concerning the state flag of Florida:
 > Now I'm curious - do those "Floridian" colors also run in horizontal
 > stripes?...
 People, lets stop all this nonsense. If you think Jordonella floridae
 looks like a flag,
 "ANY" flag, you need to stop smoking all of that Hygrophilia
 To answer your question David, no they don't. The pattern somewhat
 resembles the battle flag of the Confederacy.
 Augie Eppler
 Green Cove Springs, Fl >>

Lets not go there, my e-mail address of csinf is for Confederate States 
Infantry.  My father and I are Civil War Reenactors (Both Sides) :)

Allen, JR.