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pH controller-ballast incompatibilities

For the first time I have a question that you haven't spontaneously answered
before I got around to answering it.  I have a Pinpoint pH monitor.  It
initially functioned erratically when the lights were on (Coralife
electronic ballasts).  The problem mysteriously disappeared after a month or
two.  I did add a grounding probe during the interval but the problem did
not disappear immediately, so I doubt that's the solution.  The monitor also
has a similar problem on another tank with Vis-i-Lux ballasts.  I can live
with taking pH readings when the lights are out, but now I would  like to
add CO2 using a pH controller.  I anticipate more incompatibility problems.
Does anyone have experience with brands of controllers/electrodes that are
compatible with the Coralife and Vis-i-Lux ballasts?   If anyone has any
insight on the cause of the mysterious conflict elimination (and suggestions
on how to repeat this in the second tank), I would be very interested in
that too.  Thanks for the help.
Marge Reed