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Re: H2O2 update


I did read your initial post, and was looking forward to an update! Since 
this algae continues to persist in one of my tanks, I'm very interested in 
your outcome. I do recall you lost one or two fish though . . . wasn't your 
dose a little high?


> I thought I'd report on the progress of my H2O2 treatment initiated last 
>  on my 75 gal tank with a serious staghorn algae problem. As you have no 
> doubt 
>  forgotten (if you even bothered to read it in the first place), I 
>  added 14oz of 3% H2O2 to the 75 gal tank in question which resulted in the 
>  staghorn turning white within 24 hours followed by Rotalla m. going almost 
>  totally green within the same time frame. Within 48 hours, the Hetra z. 
> began 
>  melting from the edges inward and the tips of the pearlgrass started 
>  a bit scorched soon thereafter. Unfortunately, the tiny sprig of 
> Lagarosiphon 
>  madagascariensis a famous list member sent me began to show signs of 
> distress 
>  as well. I was really an idiot to have left that in there - but it seemed 
>  like such a tough, wiry little plant. The Alternanthera reineckii 
>  developed a few holes but amazingly, the Eusteralis s. remained unfazed as 
>  did the Cabomba. The glosso had a few leaves go yellow here and there but 
>  then - there's a lot more where that came from. Totally unaffected to date 
>  are Bacopa m., Hygro p. "sunset" Rotalla i., Ludwigia grand. and repens, 
>  Hygro "willow leaf", and C. wendtii. The staghorn algae has all melted for 
>  now. I looks like everything will recover and regenerate - except I'm real 
>  worried about the Lagarosiphon. There's only a few green areas of stem 
>  and a tiny sprout on one side that looks to still be alive. The H2O2 
>  definitely did a number on the algae though - it's gone.