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Re: Green water (using daphnia)

Someone here on the APD cured their green water with daphnia by using a 
container such as a breeder within the tank. This eliminates the need for 
putting netting around the filter or removing the fish. I have one called 
*fish net breeder* from pet warehouse for about $2 - $3. This breeder, rather 
than those typical plastic things, is surrounding by nylon netting which 
permits full circulation through it but keeps the critters in. You could 
probably easily devise something like this.


> My next approach will be to cover the surface with duckweed.  If that doesn'
>  t work I will get all the fish out, put some kind of netting around the
>  filter intake and put loads of daphnia in.  Does anyone know if either of
>  these approaches is effective for green water?  It seems whatever I do it
>  just comes back.  According the test kit there are undetectable phosphates
>  in the water column.  If the test kit is correct then what are the algae
>  living (in fact thriving on).  I don't have any problems with any other 
>  of algae - apart from some green spot.  Anyone know of any other tricks?.