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H2O2 update

Bob Olesen wrote:

> I foolishly added 14oz of 3% H2O2 to the 75 gal tank

> in question which resulted in the staghorn turning 
> white within 24 hours followed by Rotalla m. going 
> almost totally green within the same time frame. 

I don't consider any experiment that produces useful
information 'foolish.'  Even those experiments that
produce results you might consider tragic aren't

In my experiment to control bluegreen algae, I used
1/2 oz of 3% H2O2 in a 10 gal tank, based on
experiments conducted by Augie Eppler.  For your 75
gallon tank, you almost quadrupled the dosage, since
7.5 x 0.5 = 3.75 x 3.0 = 15 oz.

I'm curious as to whether there were any fish in the
tank, and if so, what effects they showed.  I'm also
curious about any nitrifying bacteria cultures and
whether you measured any changes in ammonia or

I had 7 neon tetras, 4 red phanton tetras and 1 2-1/2
inch black molly in the tank I treated.  None of the
fish were adversely affected, and I bypassed the
filter to prevent its demise.

> The H2O2 definitely did a number on the algae
> though - it's gone.

Cool.  The evidence is mounting.

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