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Re: Nitrates

> The two tanks with nitrate problems have some pretty big fish. How does the
> relative mass/bulk of your fish compare to mine?  Are we comparing two pounds of
> fish to a half pound?

I've got too many rainbows in my 75g:  I've got 9 large rainbows (not as big
as your biggest ones, but all around 4 inches, and with fairly deep bodies.)
I've also got 3 smaller rainbows, about the size of the neons.    This isn't
counting the new ones I just added.  So, it's probably less load than your
rainbow tank, but it's in a smaller tank too.

> Do you use any frozen cubes? My impresion is that a frozen cube (2 in fact) might
> be a lot more food than a pinch or two of dry flakes. 

I agree.  It's definitely more than the flake food amounts to.

I use frozen food, cubes and slabs.   But I always drop the cube or piece of 
the slab into a brine-shrimp net, and rinse it until it's competely melted.
This gets rid of all the other junk, and just leaves the brine.

Chuck Gadd