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Coconuts...and what are you waiting for???

At the price of coconuts (here, around a buck a piece), and considering how
easily they can be worked and used in a tank, you could probably make one
heck of an interesting aquascape using just coconuts, Java Moss, Java Ferns
and perhaps Anubias. You could break up a few shells and glue them onto a
cork covered back wall to make an extremely interesting and 3D background
too - the perfect place to anchor Java Ferns. It should work very well for
small cichlids. I also liked the comment someone made about how they can be
polished - never thought of that, but I'm going to try it..... now, where is
that recipe for coconut cream pie?????

As an aside, but still VERY connected to aquascaping......

All of the entries we have received to date for the AGA International
Aquascaping Showcase & Contest have been in the Aquatic Gardens category.
Doesn't _anyone_ here maintain Biotope/Habitat type tanks or keep African
Cichlids? What about Paludariums or that 10 gallon tank in your child's
bedroom with the purple gravel and plastic plants???? They are ALL
aquascaped tanks, and all welcome in this event! Don't be shy! If only one
person with a Paludarium enters, they are guaranteed to walk away with a
Prize. Wouldn't your 10 year old get a kick out of seeing his or her own
aquarium displayed on the Internet?

This is a perfect opportunity for both seasoned old hands and new hobbyists
alike to share their aquascapes with others and to receive feedback and
suggestions from people of the calibre of Karen Randall (U.S.A.), Neil Frank
(U.S.A.), Claus Christensen (Denmark) and Kaspar Horst (Germany).

You aren't expected to be an "expert" nor a "master aquascaper" to be able
to get involved with this - _everyone_ can participate and learn something
from it. It should be especially valuable to "newbies" for the feedback they
can get from our Judges. In this hobby, as in most others, you learn best by

As well, the general public will be able to vote for their favourite
aquascape which will receive a special People's Choice award. Over $3,000.00
U.S. in donated Prizes will be handed out in the Contest portion of the

The Closing Date for entries is September 30th, 2000. There are only six
weeks left to get your entry in - don't be left out in the cold by waiting
until the last minute to register. Register online at

James Purchase [Toronto - Canada]
AGA International Aquascaping Showcase & Contest