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Florida Flag Fish Freedom !!

We of the The Florida Flag Fish Freedom Faction:-) call an all members of
World-Wide Fish Associations to speak up against this kind of cultural
imperialism!   Supporting the right of regional differentiation is NOT
being hostile to anyone ... chosing to RESPECT ourselves is NOT somehow

We of The Florida Flag Fish Freedom Faction:-) promote the Aquarists RIGHT
ot CHOOSE which common name ot the Jordanella floridae they are most
comfortable with. FFF or Florida Flag Fish (Jordanella floridae)  aka
American Flag Fish  EVOLVED in Florida thus, here it is most widely
referred to as the Florida Flagfish FFF.  Some others prefer to call it the
American Flag fish b/c it has colours of the American flag (it ALSO has
Florida's state Flag colours too, BTW). 

We call on the Thought Police to end their "American" Flag Fish  EXCLUSIVE
name chauvinism.


Seriously, though... The name Florida Flag Fish is already so entrenched,
why continue to fight it?  The contraction FFF (Yes, GUILTY As Charged! I
dealt this one) is no less eligant than SAE for siamese algae eater.  So

"The hottest pit of HELL is reserved for those who continue to hold
sted-fast to their neutrality in the face of Tyranny!" ~DRAN
http://www.floridadriftwood.com/   FFFF~Florida Flag Fish Forever!! :-D