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Re: Die Aquarienpflanzen in Wort und Bild

Brian Perkins wrote:

>Any German-speakers out there who might have a spare second to help me
>figure out the story behind this *book*?
>*Die Aquarienpflanzen in Wort und Bild* is/(was?) apparently edited by
>Albert wendt, and published by Alfred Kernen Verlag.  What I have is a
>series of loose-leaf  *books*, if you will; that are each (#'s 1-20)
>collected in a series of light green paper folders approximately 6"wide by 7
>inches high.  Each folio (they are not bound) contains about 20 to 25 pages,
>two hole punched on the left margin as if they were intended to go in a
>binder of some sort.  The last two sets say *Bearbeitet von Christel
>Kasselmann*  on the covers.  And these are the only two that have color
>photos.  The First couple of sets appear to be releatively old, but I can't
>be certain, because there are no publishing dates on any of it.  C
>Can anyone illuminate me??

Susan.C.Jorgensen wrote:

>Well, I don't speak German, but I do interlibrary loan for the library here, 
>and have access to several large bibliographic databases.
>You're right in that it's a 2 volume looseleaf set.  The first was
published in
>1951-1952 and has 16 parts to it, totaling 340 pages.  
>Part 2 was published in 1958, but I don't have any information on how many 
>parts or pages are in that volume.  

I haven't been keeping up with the APD recently, but this caught my eye.  I
don't speak German either, but I have a pretty good set of the books.  My
set actually is 3 volumes.  The page numbering is so arcane that without
counting the pages one by one, I haven't got a clue how many pages there
are, but all three binders are pretty full.  My understanding is that this
was structured similarly to the old TFH "Exotic Tropical Fishes" where, as
you collected the new pages, you inserted into the books in the proper order.  

>There's about a dozen libraries around the US that own these, so it's entirely
>possible that you might be able to get your local library to borrow a copy for
>you if you can't find a copy to purchase.  If you want the full bibliographic
>record I can send it to you off-line.  

I got my set from Lee Finley, (Finley Aquatic Books) <lfinley at loa_com>.
Even if he doesn't have a set in stock. (it's unlikely that he does) if he
knows someone is looking for something, he'll usually let them know if and
when he turns one up.