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Quarantine Tank Cycling

RE:  Keeping Quarantine Tank Filter Media in a Planted Tank

George Booth wrote:

"Thanks to all for the "rapid cycling" hints but that won't work in our case. 
we buy new fish, it's usually on the spur of the moment and 4 days or two 
weeks cycling time won't help. Also we only have three large tanks set up 
and all use trickle filters; we have no cycled sponges available and don't 
plan on adding sponge filters to these tanks."

I keep some glass flattened marbles and a crystal "rock" on the substrate, 
and transfer those over to the new tank for a while, as needed, bringing 
their bacteria with them.  I also add a good dose of bacteria via "Cycle" 
and "Waste Control" daily, with a bit extra every time I change any water.  It 
seems to reduce the problems, although it still takes a week to two weeks 
to get the new tank cycling properly with ammonia and then nitrate levels 
dropping.  I also include snails and fish from day one.  But most of all, 
plants help heaps - floating or fast growing ones in particular.


Susi Barber, Vancouver, Canada