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Re: Nitrates

Yes, and I have seen a very similar effect in one of my tanks which is not
yet fully cycled.  It doesn't have fish, but I add ammonia every day.  The
ammonia gets "consumed", and the nitrIte does as well, but the nitrAtes
haven't caught up yet.  I think those bacteria are simply slower to get
started.  Also, the plants are not well established in this tank, so I don't
think they can use up the available nitrAte yet.

I don't know how well established Diana's tank is, but if it isn't fully
cycled, that could also be part of the problem.

My relative-newbie 2 cents worth!

Bob Dixon wrote:
<<<<<<Unless you add something to remove the nitrate, that is the end of the
 Yes, plants CAN reduce the nitrate levels, but in order to do so, the plant
growth rate has to match or exceed the fish ammonia output.  If your tank is
overstocked, then the fish will outrun the plants.  Livestock reduction
combined with more frequent water changes is the simplest solution.  Also,
how much nitrogen is listed in your plant food?  If there's enough there to
meet the plants' needs, then the plants won't keep up with even one little