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Re: Nitrates

Diana wrote:
>The nitrates in my tank continue to remain high or climb back up to
>high levels after a water change.  I don't know what to do.  Bought some
>nitrate stuff you put in the filter, but no results yet.  How long does it
>take this gravelly looking stuff to work?  I read-up on the Krib about the
>nitrogen cycle and mature tanks, but the subject stops at nitrates.  Aren't
>the plants supposed to kick in and utilize it and break it down further?
>discus are not happy and neither am I. I am not a chemist or biologist.
>Should I just cut back on feeding?  What are my options and what happens
>after I have reached the noble heights of ammonia>nitrite>nitrate?  Help!
Diana, you are not telling us much about the setup of your tank. Size,
substrate, lights, plants, fish, fertilizers are all important details to
know when trying to figure out what is happening in the tank. Please follow
up with this info.

Adrian Banica

Edmonton, Alberta.