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Can we treat each other better?

>I can only speak for myself, but I'm really getting tired of these flames. 
>Dwight, you made your point, many times. Is there really a need for as much

>open hostility as you have shown James these last couple of days? James, 
>someone told me once if one person tells you you aren't acting right they 
>may be wrong, but if five people tell you you aren't acting right then
>you need to look at yourself and what you are doing. How about a truce?

I agree Dave. James & Dwight ,speaking from dear ol' blighty I have to say
that you are taking yourselves to seriously. Its a hobby guys. Ok so some of
you make a living out of it as well but you started off in this because you
enjoyed keeping an aquarium. 
Now I can't believe for one second that either of you like flaming on the
list. Therefore why do it? Perfect example of how to handle what could have
been a nasty situation was last week when Sylvia inadvertently posted a
private email to the list.
It was handled with humour and dignity. If you don't like what somebody is
saying sure make your point but try and do it nicely.
By the way I think you will find that we brought the American Flag Fish over
on the Mayflower :-)...


In a very sunny London....