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RE: Trip

 Well it was quite hot but I did get some good photo's of some plants in
the wild. I have some popcorn Nitella in the tank and some of the
and Crassula(?) to see how they might do in my tanks. I recently found a
spoon bill shaped plant but it was too delicate for most folk's tanks.
I also spotted what appeared to be Red Cabomba. Upon closer inspection it
turned out to be Red hornwort the likes of which I haven't seen out here
ever. It was huge and extremely red. Unless you got right down on top of
it most would mistake it for Red Cabomba.
There is a fair amount of Cabomba aquatic in the lake which is fun to grow
from time to time. I'll soon find out if the hairgrass is the same or
similar to what I have in my tank.

The Nitella is a quite alien plant. There ain't nothing like this one:)
The balls have tiny leaves/stems and many of the balls have what appears
to be small sacs or eggs inside each ball. This is part of the plant not
fish/bug eggs. If it survives is another story but I think it will along
with much of what I collected today. There must be a few acres of the
hairgrass. Also some dwarf clover doing quite well sending up floating
leave further out from shore. That brings the count up to at least 9
species of true water plants in one small location not too far away.
Not too bad I figure.

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