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Die Aquarienpflanzen in Wort und Bild

Dear all,

Any German-speakers out there who might have a spare second to help me
figure out the story behind this *book*?

*Die Aquarienpflanzen in Wort und Bild* is/(was?) apparently edited by
Albert wendt, and published by Alfred Kernen Verlag.  What I have is a
series of loose-leaf  *books*, if you will; that are each (#'s 1-20)
collected in a series of light green paper folders approximately 6"wide by 7
inches high.  Each folio (they are not bound) contains about 20 to 25 pages,
two hole punched on the left margin as if they were intended to go in a
binder of some sort.  The last two sets say *Bearbeitet von Christel
Kasselmann*  on the covers.  And these are the only two that have color
photos.  The First couple of sets appear to be releatively old, but I can't
be certain, because there are no publishing dates on any of it.  C

Can anyone illuminate me??


Brian Perkins
West Linn, Oregon