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Re: major algae problems!

>Sean Meister wrote August 12:
>Since this past July 7th I have had my first ten gallon planted tank up
>and running.  The first month I battled Diatoms which I took care of
>with 2 otto's, now I have green algae growing at a rapid rate on my
>glass and very long, brownish green clumps that grow over night and get
>a few inches long.
>Here is my problem...I have no more money available to add any more
>algae eating type fishes (honestly, bills come first:( ).
>I have been changing 2-4 gallons of water a day for over a month...stuff
>keeps coming.
>Do I keep up with the water changes or do I just let it run it's course
>and not do any more water changes................
One thing that wouldn't cost anything and should get the algae under
control is to let the Eigeria densa take over.  Once it gets crowded, algae
seems to do very poorly, at least for me.  Also, Guppies are pretty good
feeders on the softer kinds of hair algae, and they are cheap.

Paul Krombholz, in hot, dry, central Mississippi