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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #474

>>And, since I have your attention, and most of the rest of the list is
embroiled in their own "Name Game", I've something that's been confusing me
for quite a while.
Your own name.
As listed, it appears to be a form of "Paul, Robert H", and seems to be
confirmed in your header by the "Robert H" return. Is Paul your last name,
with your middle initial, or are you abbreviating your familial and Paul's
actually your christian?<<

Well, its no big secret I guess. Robert is my first name, Paul is my middle
name. Some years ago, (more than I care to admit), I fancied myself a writer
and wrote a few non fiction articles for a couple of mags using Robert Paul
as a pen name. When I started to develop my WEB site, I wanted to adopt my
old pen name..problem was that I had made a reputation for myself in several
forums as Robert H, the initial for my last name...and if I soley went by
Robert Paul, nobody would know who I was! Thus the creation of Robert Paul
H. I gave up writing, (I never learned how to spell, as I am sure many
people have noticed!).  Think of it as another John Cougar, John Mellencamp,
John Cougar Mellencamp, the Artist formerly known as Prince...or whatever! I
totally confused my Aquarium Society, and finally just decided to use my
last name when I write articles for them.

Robert Paul H