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Re:More reflector measurements


I've seen the Triton reflectors. They look very similar to the bright kit 
from AH Supply, which is used with PCF's (which is not a single tube). Since 
that effect is thrown off when the positioning is not centered, how well does 
this increase the light reflected with the PCF?

And, since I've thought of using a Triton to enhance lighting on a tank where 
I have two bulbs I'd be real interested to see your results. Thanks for your 


p.s. Someone posted a website where instructions for a DIY strip to hold a 
pcf fixture and bulb were given. Not only am I limited by strip size, but by 
the opening in the hood. It's only large enough to accommodate the existing 
strip, about 5 inches, with the actual opening about 4". I don't like those 
all-glass tops they sell. Anybody aware of diy instructions on building a 
hood perchance? 

> The problem I find with those parabolic mirrors is that they only work 
>  well with a single bulb. Move the bulb a little off from the focus
>  position, and the reflected beam completely breaks down. It remains to be 
>  seen by how much the performance of one of these reflectors degrades with 
>  say two tubes. More measurements on the way, I' afraid...