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Coconuts? Slightly off topic.

I was in an upscale produce market the other day and
saw coconuts.  I had a flashback to one tropical fish
book or another and remembered that the author
suggested using coconut shells for anchoring java moss
and such.  Besides, it might offer my dwarf cichlids a
cool hideout.  I bought two coconuts and managed to
get them open this afternoon without maming myself. 
The sticker on the coconut said to use a "stout knife
or vegetable peeler" to get the meat out.  I
successfully managed to bend the peeler and figured
I'd better put the knife away before I sliced off my
thumb.  Now I have four meat filled coconut halves in
the kitchen sink.  

I saw in the archives that a few of you have used
coconuts in aquariums.  My wife's good humor is going
to fade fast.  Any suggestions on how to dig the meat


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