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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #473

Hello everyone.  I just joined this list and find it facinating.  I also
find it way over my head at this point - smile.  I am finding myself getting
deeper and deeper into the fish aquarium scene.  I have a 25 gallon and
three 6 gallon aquariums.  Due to my uncanny success with Mollies (I added
some sea salt and now instead of dying they are reproducing like crazy.  I
have over 200 fry at this point) I will be buying a 75-100 gallon tank this
week.  I also have a three year old Angel.  I have never had much luck with
Angels - all others died but now this one has laid eggs.  I love real plants
and am very interested in aquiring more.  I would love to get some info in a
couple of areas:
What recommendations for plants that are easy and attractive and where can I
get them.
What basis steps should I use for fertilization of the plants.
Any suggestions on a successful environment for Angels.
I am looking forward to learning more about everything.  Thank you for your

Willie Jones
Nashville, TN