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>We have our own ID issues in CA, you guys keep yours:)
>Again, regionihilism rears it's ugly head!:))
>I did find an enormous field(acres) of dwarf hair
>grass growing in about 2 inches underwater in a part
>of a large lake that perviously I hadn't explored at
>low water. Most of the lake has nothing in it(except
>for some of the best redwood stumps you ever seen that
>have been submerged for about 100 years). Quite an
>awesome site. I'm going back with the camera tomorrow!
>I also found some thing like a Crassula (C.aquatica?)
>mixed in with hairgrass. A red Najas and something I
>thought was just algae which turns out to be a
>stonewort, Nitella. I think FAN sells this stuff and
>it's the same thing that the Teepot book is calling
>the Nitella. It's very cool and looks like little pea
>sized popcorn balls strung together about every 1/4
>inch or so about 2 to 6 long. Stoneworts are very
>interesting to me. This one is more useful to me than
>the N.flexilus which is more common it seems.
>There's some Myriophyllum and a Egeria in there and a
>few Typha sp. and of course a Ludwigia pelpodies
>Spikerushes/Bulrushes are common here in CA and some
>stores often sell some as giant hairgrass. Fine
>needled Hairgrasses are not too common around this
>area. But other Spikerushes are and are much more
>resistant to dessication I believe. I could be wrong
>Doesn't matter too much, I'm going on a 15 mile Mt
>bike ride on a sunny afternoon though redwoods too
>collect and photograph cool plants at a beautiful
>lake. I'm happy:)What else could I ask for?
>Tom Barr

Wish I was there. Anybody want to trade places for a dose of the humdrum 
Orient? Rice paddies, drainage canals, the Otoné River, a reservoir, 
pirahnas in the Imperial Castle's moat, guppies, cory cats, mollies and 
mosquitofish taking over Tokyo's canals.
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