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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #472

I'm adding my 3 ($0.02) worth :-) to this discussion. I haven't seen 
AFF/FFF's for years but, I see a lot of Amano's little naps, the lovable 
Yamato Numa Ebi, Sugi Ebi, Te Nagai Ebi, Moh Ebi etc...(I'm all ebi'd out) 
and they are literally
12 a dozen here in Tokyo. About the only bad thing I can say about these 
are they disappear down my bettas gullets as fast as I catch them. i guess 
this is a neverending story, unless you know of a way to train B edithae to 
not such bloody gluttons.

>To the two gentlemen discussing Japanese fishing, etc.
>Try this page out for more info on the above mentioned shrimp.
>Joe :-)

James let's use the "Borg" classification! Remember, it is useless to 
resist. We will asimilate you, make you wear poorly cut navy blue suits and 
drink 47 times your weight in cheap "Shochu" (Japanese Gin) on a daily 
basis. ;-)

>"The fish is "officially" Jordanella floridae. No other fish known to 
>has this name. Anyone using this name can rest assured that anyone,
>anywhere, will know what they are talking about.

>Carmen responds:
>Hmmmm...where to begin?  The list is "fun" when people aren't being
>capriciously flamed.  Dwight's listing of various names for Jordanella
>floridae is far more responsible than giving only the scientific name.
>Most LFSs do not give taxonomic names.  Upon first joining the APD, it took
>me weeks to figure out what a J. floridae was just from reading the posts.
>Was it a fish or a shrimp?  Didn't know 'til someone gave the common names
>(perhaps Dwight?).  I think giving three names is above and beyond the call
>of duty.  Whenever did too much information become a bad thing?
>As for referring to this species as the dreaded Florida Flag Fish, the
>species name IS "floridae"--sounds like it was first described as a species
>in Florida.  It is not J. americana.  It's a Floridian fish that vaguely
>resembles the American (or, more correctly, the United States of America)
>flag.  (So techinically one could argue that it's a USAFF!)  I think the
>semantics of American vs. Florida are not so important.
I agree as I had the same problem with SAE's.
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