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Re: Jordanella Floridae

IDMiamiBob at aol_com  writes>
> Sylvia points out that her FFF were not very healthy on arrival, and never
> fully recovered.  I think it might be useful to point out that I also have
> never seen them in fresh water.  I used to net them out of the Indian and
> Banana Rivers, which are both brackish.  If you are leeping a soft water
> for Amazon or West African fish, J. floridae will probably be a bad coise,
> regardless of their appitite for algae (and fine-leaved plants).

So having added 2 Jordanella Floridae to my tank, I have another
question...are they ever going to stop hiding back in the large Java Moss
forest and am I going to eventually see them front and centre with the rest
of the gang???  FWIW mine do not seem to be bothering any of the other
occupants of the tank(mainly tetra's and a couple of guppies) and from whta
I HAVE seen of them, they have a very nice colour.