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Re: Funny Magnetic substrate

> Ha ha,
>     I thought I would share with everyone an interesting discovery that I
> found out about my 'black beauty" (it is really pretty actually) black sand
> blasting grit. It's Metalliic! or at least has Iron, because it sticks quite
> well to algae cleaning magnes! Imagine the suprise when your substrate starts
> sticking to your magnets

I can't believe you are smiling.  Or are you putting on a brave face for our

The substrate in my 75g is gravel/sand collected from a nearby river.  It contains
magnetic (I believe it contains pyrite, or similar).   A bit of it stuck to a
cleaning magnet on my new 75g, and put a HUGE scratch right across the center 
of the tank!   After throwing the magnet out the window, and once I finished
crying, I emptied the tank, turned it around on the stand, and started over.

Chuck Gadd