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RE: hair grass/Nitella popcorn

>Dwight's hairgrass is, I believe, Eleocharis
>geniculata - a tough little 
>spikerush. I sent some to Tom - what do you think?

>Bob Olesen
>West Palm Beach

Don't know. It hasn't grown out much yet so it's hard
to tell.I have some in immersed culture and one
submersed. I guess this is the Cichlid Resistant

We have our own ID issues in CA, you guys keep yours:)
Again, regionilism rears it's ugly head!(actually I'm
just bitter over not being able to go to the
conferance in TN this fall:))

I did find an enormous field(acres) of dwarf hair
grass growing in about 2 inches underwater in a part
of a large lake that perviously I hadn't explored at
low water. Most of the lake has nothing in it(except
for some of the best redwood stumps you ever seen that
have been submerged for about 100 years). Quite an
awesome site. I'm going back with the camera tomorrow!
I also found some thing like a Crassula (C.aquatica?)
mixed in with hairgrass. A red Najas and something I
thought was just algae which turns out to be a
stonewort, Nitella. I think FAN sells this stuff and
it's the same thing that the Teepot book is calling
the Nitella. It's very cool and looks like little pea
sized popcorn balls strung together about every 1/4
inch or so about 2 to 6 long. Stoneworts are very
interesting to me. This one is more useful to me than
the N.flexilus which is more common it seems.
There's some Myriophyllum and a Egeria in there and a
few Typha sp. and of course a Ludwigia pelpodies
Spikerushes/Bulrushes are common here in CA and some
stores often sell some as giant hairgrass. Fine
needled Hairgrasses are not too common around this
area. But other Spikerushes are and are much more
resistant to dessication I believe. I could be wrong
Doesn't matter too much, I'm going on a 15 mile Mt
bike ride on a sunny afternoon though redwoods too
collect and photograph cool plants at a beautiful
lake. I'm happy:)What else could I ask for? 
Tom Barr

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