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Florida FlagFish Phonetic Frenzy

>The danger with using three names, besides being deliberately annoying to
>some of us on this list, is that it might seem to legitimize a wrong name
>and get a distributor to use it (alone) to the confusion of even *more* poor
>shop owners and their customers.

I repeat, I did not "Invent" the term Florida Flagfish!!!  No matter what
JAMES:-) says!!!  Your assumtion that a distributor will use the term and
cause confusion assumes "facts - not - in - evidence".  It is also a moot
point b/c its already out there!!

>The use of the initials, FFF, and the poorly-chosen common name "Florida"
>flag fish should be discouraged strongly any time it rears its ugly head. It
>does much more harm than good to the hobby.

Give me a BREAK!!!  This is the name of a fish!!  This is not fish TB we're
talking about here or IcH, but simple common name!!!  What the heck are you
afraid of?..."rears its ugly head".... it is as if you view us Floridians
who use the term as some deviant rebel faction to be hunted down and
exterminated for daring to buck the speech code of the  Imperial Aquatic
Language Orthodoxy!!! <not a real organization..more like a mindset> You
folks take yourselves a bit too seriously!:-)

 Nobody wants to offend you guys, but you've suceeded in painting this
difference of regional phonetic opinion into a "with us or against us"
arguement with no room for compromise.

>None, as far as I recall. I just spent the Memorial Day weekend in Tampa
>(AKA Convention), among a very large number of Florida fish fanciers (FFF?)
>and never heard even one of them use the term. They sometimes shortened it
>to "floridae" or even "flagfish," but never, ever mixed up the common and
>specific names like that. To do so would have been plain ignorant, at best.

I BET if I walked in there with a tee-shirt with three BIG red "FFF's"
written on it they would all know what it refered to.  Just because an
out-of-stater like yourself was present they probably did'nt use it 'round

Even if that isnt the case just because some Florida Fish fanciers don't
use the term and tow your line, does not in anyway make those Floridians
who don't any less legitimate.   

>The article cited was originally written for the Journal of the American
>Killifish Association, and I do wish the site owner would provide the proper
>citation, so readers could find the dead-tree version if they wish. I don't
>mind it being reprinted on the web site, but issue and date would be a nice
>service to the reader (including me -- I forget when it was -- '94? '95?).

So... we Floridians who have grown comfortable with the reference Florida
Flagfish must discard it based on ONE outdated article?!!  Gimmie a break!
Let me put forward another theory... I think that the "Imperial Aquatic
Language Orthodoxy" (IALO) is afraid that when NEWER publications are
produced they will incorporate the name used by us Floridians for years
thus, granting it its rightful legitimacy and forcing IALO to acknowledge it!

Its a cheeky little "snob" slight to suggest that our regional term Florida
Flagfish FFF is somehow.. Hig-no-rant!  Hoping now to "browbeat" us into
giving up that which is ours.  That's just the kind of school matron,
pedantic arrogance that many are familiar with in one form or another as
one culture tries to forcibly suppress another.   History shows that this
is a doomed strategy.  

"Never entirely, nor all at once depart from antiquity!"
FFFF ~ Florida FlagFish Forever!!