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Re: plant eating fish

>>Fish                 Plants attacked
Angels                     Vals
clown loaches         red mellon sword
rainbowfish             Mexican Oak Leaf
Congo Tetras         Anubias spp +  red plants
Ancistrus                 Anubias spp
Kribensis                 Anubias spp mayaca, mexican
oak leaf,                  ambulia, giant hygro
SAEs (controversial)     Anubias spp, mayaca, rotala wallachii,duckweed,
Hydrotriche hottoniiflora
elephant nose         anything, pokes holes in them
dwarf clown pleco (Pekoltia vittata)     swords, rasps them
Diamond Tetras. duckweed
emperor tetra duckweed<<

The only danger in these generalizations, is that they are just that.
People's experiences can vary greatly. I have Angels in with a ton of
vals...they have never touched them...I also have Kribensis in the same
tank, no problem with any of the plants, and my SAEs dont bother any of my
plants either. It seems odd to me that a Clown loach would eat any plant,
and why Red melons in particular? One difference may be is how heavily
planted your tanks are. Mine are densly planted like dutch style tanks, so
any damage may be un noticeable. My Cichlids, Kribensis, Rainbow,
Curvecepts, all munch on leaves that are already starting to decay...they
kinda help me to prune my plants!

The American Flag Fish, I got one of these killies, ( a female) a couple of
weeks ago, and two males this weekend. They are in great shape! They quickly
took care of my hair algae, and seem to do just fine with my Rainbows. They
are not eating any of the Ambulia either.  After hearing the description of
this fish, I was expecting a much more colorful fish! The males do have some
color, but its very sutle.

Robert Paul H