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Re: Thank You Silvia


I'm certain that there are several of us here that feel sorry for not
responding to your first post.  I don't recall seeing it, or if I did, I
just skimmed over it.  However I don't see what you are complaining
about.  You posted ONE question and you got ONE answer.  It seems that
you were pleased with the answer you did get.  What did you want?  MORE
conflicting information?

You stated that you "don't have the time" to read.  What then makes you
think that all of the experts here have time on their hands?  Half of
them are still busy smashing their heads on their keyboards over the
"American Flagfish" debate, half of them are busy debating the
"Australian Pine" issue and the rest of us appear to have lives.

About 99.99% of the "newbie" questions are questions that have been
answered on boards such as this one over and over and over. (And over).
A little bit of effort on the behalf of the newbie can go a long, long
way.  Sometimes those that do respond are simply tired of typing the
same responses over and over and over. (And over).

If you want to take your ball and go home, we can't stop you.  However
if you REALLY want help making your planted aquarium as nice as
possible, FIND some time to read up and then come back and ask questions
for clarification.

This hobby is a tricky one at best.  As Tom Barr stated in an earlier
post, there are no silver bullets, no magic potions, no elixirs or oils
and very few shortcuts.  What works in one aquarium will not necessarily
work in another.  When reading the archives, pick an idea or solution
you believe to be a good one and give it a try (you're will to do so
already, "successful or not").  Measure your successes and if you don't
feel satisfied, try something else.  Don't try everything all at once
unless you are running several different aquariums.

And don't whine.  We hate that.