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Re: FFF (was Hair algae)

B. Dixon:

>Sylvia points out that her FFF were not very healthy on arrival, and never 
>fully recovered.  I think it might be useful to point out that I also have 
>never seen them in fresh water.  I used to net them out of the Indian and 
>Banana Rivers, which are both brackish.  If you are leeping a soft water
>for Amazon or West African fish, J. floridae will probably be a bad coise, 
>regardless of their appitite for algae (and fine-leaved plants).

Well Bob that is a reasonable conclusion to draw especially since your
exprience with them is that they are a brackish water species!  I knew they
were adaptable but I had NO CLUE they went THAT far!  Augie Eppler first
introduced me to this fish and to the best of my knowledge he keeps them in
freshwater as I do.  They also breed for him in a pond.  

Now, they breed for me in my tanks despite constant low ph driven by
constant Co2 injection.  In Florida, we tend to have harder water and last
I checked my dissolved carbonates were moderate to moderatly high.  I'd
sure like to hear from anyone who had Florida Flagfish and how they
performed under low dissolved carbonate or very soft water.

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