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Re: Cichlid Resistant Hairgrass

Robert H:

>Thanks for clearing that up Dwight...I have been wondering what the heck
>cichlid resistant hairgrass was. I thought maybe you dipped in in epoxy or

Now, don't get me wrong here, I have no clue what JAMES:-) is lookin' at.
It MIGHT be it might not be.  If all he's got to help his I.D. is that
lousy out-of-water picture I took well, good luck! < I've got to get rid of
that lousy picture, it does'nt give this beautiful plant a fair showing! >
Tom Barr gets all my weird plants for I.D.  I send him samples that he
waits till they BLOOM before he tells me something definative about
sub-species.  I said that just to give an idea how tricky this can
sometimes get.

I sent JAMES:-) nothing!  So as far as I know he's guessing.  Keep in mind 
JAMES:-) also guessed that I was the "evil genius" who invented Australian

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