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RE: Flourite/Fish eating the plants

>In addition I would count on spending some time
>rinsing the flourite before
>putting in the tank.

I use the three good rinses in a bucket method. I have
set up and messed with flourite for some years now.
It is flithy and dusty to no end but it does settle
out after this amount of rinsing and the tank will be
fine after.

Regarding the fish that eat your plants:
Congo tetras eating Anubias? And some of the other
fish also? Some instances may be true, but most of
those are not. Sounds like the environment not the

You wrote:
>Fish  Plants attacked
>Angels                     Vals

I've never seen this ever nor heard about it from many
angel experts/breeders who also keep many plants.Vals
are very popular plant with these folks.Vals can melt
due to environmental issue though.

>clown loaches         red mellon sword

They do seem to like to punch holes in sword plant's
leaves.When growth is vigorous and the fish are fed I
notice they leave the leaves alone. I have some Dwarf
Lobelia which they treat in ther same fashion.

>rainbowfish             Mexican Oak Leaf
This one is a new one.Don't know.

>Congo Tetras         Anubias spp +  red plants

Sorry, No way, Jose. I have a pack of Congo's and a
ton of both Anubias/red plants and often don't feed
for a week at a time. 
No problems ever. The fish have bred in there also.
These fish don't eat plants.
>Ancistrus                 Anubias spp
Nope. I have both. Plants are fine.With Driftwood or

>Kribensis                 Anubias spp mayaca, mexican
>oak leaf,                  ambulia, giant hygro

A Krib that eats an Aunbias?

>SAEs (controversial)     Anubias spp, mayaca, rotala
>Hydrotriche hottoniiflora

SAE's have only messed with my Rotala wallichii.I
could only hope something would eat the duckweed:)
I can promise folks that SAE's do not eat the other
plants on this list. Folks out here in SF have these
plants and fish together and so do I.

>elephant nose         anything, pokes holes in them
>dwarf clown pleco (Pekoltia vittata)     swords,
>rasps them
>Diamond Tetras. duckweed
>emperor tetra duckweed

I wood add some wood to your tank for the pleco's to
rasp upon. Your Anubias are suffering from a sort of
melt likely with holes appearing in them? It sounds
like an environmental issue not a fish issue. Perhaps
there's not enough nutirents in the soil/water column?
Healthy plants are not attacked by these fish
generally unless you have poor growth. Loaches
sometimes do and the SAE's do with the Rotala. Some
fish are very individualistic in their eating habits
so there are exceptions but the Aubias are not often
eaten by any thing except something like
Pacu's/Distachodus etc. Even some Tropheus moorii
don't eat my Anubias:)
Tom Barr

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