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Re: Major algae problems!

Sean is worried:

>Since this past July 7th I have had my first ten gallon planted tank up

>and running.  The first month I battled Diatoms which I took care of
>with 2 otto's, now I have green algae growing at a rapid rate on my
>glass and very long, brownish green clumps that grow over night and get

>a few inches long.

Sean, don't sweat it.  Today I am setting up tank number 7 since I got
bit by the aquatic plant tank bug about a year ago.  Each tank goes
through this, and then comes out the other side just fine, usually in
spite of all your best efforts to help it along.  Remove by hand the
algae that you can.  Trim really badly affected leaves, if they are
dying.  But wait.  That's all.  When the money comes along, and you see
a good algae eating fish (SAE, or siamese algae eater, would be best)
then buy it.  In the meantime, decide that you LIKE that natural look,
and wait.

I haven't stressed though this process since tank  #one, and all the
icky stuff goes away much faster, with healthier plants, if you just let
it happen.