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RE: Bristlenose & Clown Plecs (answer)

Here is a list of some fish that have been reported to eat plants.  The
clown pleco has been reported on the list as rasping swords to death.  Also
a friend at a local fish store mentioned that a clown pleco had damaged
several sword plants.  Maybe the bristlenoses are OK and the clown is the
only problem.

Fish  Plants attacked
Angels                     Vals
clown loaches         red mellon sword
rainbowfish             Mexican Oak Leaf
Congo Tetras         Anubias spp +  red plants
Ancistrus                 Anubias spp
Kribensis                 Anubias spp mayaca, mexican
oak leaf,                  ambulia, giant hygro
SAEs (controversial)     Anubias spp, mayaca, rotala wallachii,duckweed,
Hydrotriche hottoniiflora
elephant nose         anything, pokes holes in them
dwarf clown pleco (Pekoltia vittata)     swords, rasps them
Diamond Tetras. duckweed
emperor tetra duckweed