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Re: Wisteria and flying foxes

Hanna wrote:

>	Today at my pet store, I was looking for some oto's( couldn't spell the
>real name!), and they did not have any.  So, I got  a flying fox, and 2
>Chinese algae eaters.  The pet guy said flying foxes do not eat algae, so
>I went home, got my book, and it said they were mostly herbivorous.  I
>want the opinion of people who know, and who can be trusted, so I ask
>you.....will the flying fox eat algae, or be a fish that does nothing?

I've heard flying fox are one of the few species that will eat beard algae.
I have two, and they seem to be active eaters - but its hard to ascribe
results to a specific fish because there are several ottos and a pleco
in there too.

CAE's will eventually get much larger, and I've heard that they get 
more aggressive as they get larger, but I've never actually seen it.


Steve Rogers
@Outcome, Austin TX -- ICQ: 46340238 -- AIM: StevRocket