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algae-eating Jordanella Floridae...

Wright Huntley wrote:

>The danger with using three names, besides being deliberately annoying to
>some of us on this list,

Ah yes, Wright, I think you hit the nail on the head (emphasis on
"deliberately").  I guess there will always be someone, especially in an
open forum such as this, who will thumb his nose at others, in defiance.

However, one thing everyone seems to agree on, is that the Jordanella
Floridae is a delightful and beautiful fish, that will, under the right
circumstances, munch on algae.  I was able to get my hands on one (only one)
several months ago, but unfortunately it was not very healthy, as it seems
so many in the more northerly regions are not.  It wouldn't eat anything
much, algae or otherwise.  It is not a fish commonly stocked by LFS's around
here.  It seems to have a reputation for being aggressive; I heard this at
several shops.  Anyway, I'm sorry mine didn't survive.