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Re: American-Flag Fish

> Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 20:13:21 -0400
> From: "DaTrueDave" <DaTrueDave at earthlink_net>
> Subject: American-Flag Fish
> I had never heard anyone call it a Florida Flag Fish even by Floridans until
> Dwight (aka spammeri allthetimeous aka The Dwightster) started calling it
> that on this list.  I guess he's right, though.  If you want to label
> something other than what is commonly accepted, you're bound to get a small
> following that will go along with your nonsense.

The danger with using three names, besides being deliberately annoying to
some of us on this list, is that it might seem to legitimize a wrong name
and get a distributor to use it (alone) to the confusion of even *more* poor
shop owners and their customers.

The use of the initials, FFF, and the poorly-chosen common name "Florida"
flag fish should be discouraged strongly any time it rears its ugly head. It
does much more harm than good to the hobby.

> I did notice that Wright Huntley wrote an article on the fish in question.
> It's available at: http://www.aquafind.com/articles/jordan.html
> I wonder, Wright, out of all of those references, how many of them mention
> the Florida Flag Fish?

None, as far as I recall. I just spent the Memorial Day weekend in Tampa
(AKA Convention), among a very large number of Florida fish fanciers (FFF?)
and never heard even one of them use the term. They sometimes shortened it
to "floridae" or even "flagfish," but never, ever mixed up the common and
specific names like that. To do so would have been plain ignorant, at best.

The article cited was originally written for the Journal of the American
Killifish Association, and I do wish the site owner would provide the proper
citation, so readers could find the dead-tree version if they wish. I don't
mind it being reprinted on the web site, but issue and date would be a nice
service to the reader (including me -- I forget when it was -- '94? '95?).

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Dave Engle
> This post is laced with sarcasm meant to be humorous, not insulting.
> Jacksonville, NC
> ------------------------------

Mine contained no intentional sarcasm, and I sincerely hope it is offensive
and taken as a direct flame by the appropriate parties. [Unfortunately, all
this reduces the signal-to-noise ratio on an otherwise really nice list.]


Now, back to your regularly-scheduled plant show...


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