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Re: JAMES:-) and the Australian Pine

zxcvbob wrote:

>> "Austrailian Pine" is a somewhat invasive exotic plant that grows in
>> Florida.  Dwight's usage of the term was perfectly correct.

JAMES:-) wrote:

>Wonderful. See, we can all learn things here. I would imagine that Florida
>has major problems with all kinds of exotic introduced species. But as I'm
>probably the only person in North America who has never been to Florida, let
>alone Australia, I didn't know that a plant called Australian Pine even
>Just proves my point about people using local names when communicating with
>people all over the world.

What it DOES prove is the foolhardyness of trying to impose common names
under the imperialism of "worldwide acceptance".  Far be it for me to AGAIN
point out to you that "Australian Pine" just happens to be the most
commonly accepted term for the Casuarina equisetifolia worldwide!  

You don't have to come to Florida to learn about this tree.  You could have
emailed me (but you chose to ignore all my well meaning off-list overtures
in favor of a public flame) or you could invested three mouse clicks in a
search engine and realized the truth for yourself!  

Didn't the whuppin' you got from Carmen a month ago teach you anything!?
The "lesson" here JAMES, is it is fair to challenge anyones ideas w/
researched information, but not to assault anyones ideas with mindless
charges you can't support.  That kind of underhandness is best reserved for
impolite usenet flunkies which I once thought you were a cut above. 

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