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Re: Wisteria and flying foxes

Hanna writes:

> Today at my pet store, I was looking for some oto's( couldn't spell the
>  real name!), and they did not have any.  So, I got  a flying fox, and 2
>  Chinese algae eaters.  The pet guy said flying foxes do not eat algae, so
>  I went home, got my book, and it said they were mostly herbivorous.  I
>  want the opinion of people who know, and who can be trusted, so I ask
>  you.....will the flying fox eat algae, or be a fish that does nothing?

If it is a flying fox, it won't do much, at least not much that's good.  
Sometimes Siamese Algae eaters are sold as Flying foxes.  If that's what you 
have you are going to be real happy.  Are the dorsal and anal fins colored or 
translucent?  If the fins are translucent and the lateral line runs into the 
tail and comes to a point at the end of it, you have SAEs.

The CAE will eat algae until it's about an inch and a half long.  Then it 
becomes carnivorous and will chew fins at night, right sown to where the 
victim fish die from the depth of the wounds.  You probably don't really want 
to keep it.

>  Also, does wisteria grow fact and big ,&  what are its light and nutrient
>  requirements(big or small??)???  Thanks for your time!

It's been my personal experience that it doesn't branch much, but tends to 
stay rather narrow.  It will grow to the surface, however.

Bob Dixon
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