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Thank You Sylvia

I just wanted to thank Sylvia for the only reply to my Compact
Fluorescent question I posted about a week ago.  Thank you!!

Just for the record I am a "newbie" who does not have hours to read
archives and not much of a scientific background...I understand basics
quite well and finally decided to come to APD for advise and was very
dissapointed in the results...I am turned off and frustrated...All I
wanted to advice from the "experts".  I feel that I have wasted my time
and wasted everyone else's.  Good help is very hard to come by I guess.
I enjoy learning from others but I can't if there are no "others" out
there.  I am not requesting special attention when I post a
question...just send me in the right direction like Sylvia did.  Most of
the archives have such different and varying advice it makes a new
persons head spin..."Gee, do I do this or do that??"  I just want my new
tank to go as smoothly as possible, of course there will be bumps along
the way...

A very bummed out and frustrated with aquatic plants Sean Meister in
Missoula Montana.  I will continue to experiment on my own and
learn....successful or not.