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Plants/tanks for sale

As I'm moving soon I thought I'd offer some plants I
have extra of to those who may be interested.

2 Crinium calamistratum mother plants.30inch leaves
-about 12 each plant.
1 Crinium aquatic/natans mother plant with 24inch+
leaves-about 12 leaves.

I also have some (7)extra bulbs of the C.aquatica.

Please note: these are not the little stumps you would
receive from MO places and would take years to grow
out to this size.These are very rare and awesome
plants that even a very experienced collecter would
druel over and beg for. They must go to a good home.
I also have a 90 gallon tank w Metal halide
pendants(check the SFBAAPS site and also June's issue
of TFH for a look at it) and a 10 gallon planted tank
for sale to those near the SF bay area(I will
deliver). Also the Santa Barabra area.

Please contact me off list.
Tom Barr


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