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New email

Well, after much a do with an evil Mac update, I have
a new address for all those interested. If folks could
kindly update this new address on their list that
would be much appreciated since I know a fair number
of yens out dar.

Regarding straw etc et al.
Some folks are testing the straw mix in a bottle out
here in SF as we speak and some folks that have used
the straw in the past. Personally, I'm very skeptical.
Nothing can be substituted for gardening/pruning/good
nutrients/CO2 and lighting. A magic bullet, snake oils
and other one shot cure alls will not *ever* make up
for this. These types of product prey on the new and
frustrated plant keepers. This part bugs me. It
confuses and blinds the real issues to be learned by
the new person interested in plants and keeping them

The theory and why etc intrigues me. This part is
interesting to me. Many of us over many years on this
list have tried all kinds of stuff to help our tanks.
Each time it always comes back to the basics of
balance and management. Sure, a neat little trick here
and there surface but not enough to make too much of a
big deal over except as a quick cure,
sanitization(bleach,H2o2, ionic copper etc). 

I think it should be noted that as far as I have
understood and read about this topic, it is green
water and hair algae that the straw effects, not the
other types of algae. There are many other ways that
can be used to get rid of both these algae.

Shrimps are very good at ridding hair algae. Manual
harassment, although laborious, does quite a lot of
damage especially combined with water changes
afterwards. Building the nutrients back up each time
you do a water change to their proper levels keeps the
tank in line and makes it very hard on the algae. 
I remove, attack and scrape from the glass any algae
first -then do the water change.
Keep doing this and it will work for almost all types
of algae.

Tom Barr

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