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Wright Huntley wrote:

>I include a favorite web page (for the millions of "politically homeless,"
>who need it in this season) until I get www.wrighthuntley.com on line and
>better organized. When I do, you will be able to find out a lot about me
>mine by just clicking on it. The draft has about 45-50 species of my
>listed, for example, but no pics of my planted tanks, yet. An Ad? I never
>considered it to be one, but I guess one might think a hobby site offering
>something for sale or trade *is* advertising.

Wright (and others too!), thanks for having taken the time to answer my
questions so thoroughly.  Just to be clear, I was actually referring to real
ads like "To buy Product-X, visit http://www.MyOwnCommercialWebSite.
But...maybe you are right, that it's better to know when someone is
commercially involved in aquatics.

I do appreciate it when someone posts the URL for their own personal web
site (I don't have one), because I very much enjoy visiting them, seeing
photos and reading information about their plants and fish (also trades,