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Good Outside Filter?

It seems all I'm doing is asking this list questions.  My intent was to use
my old Aquaclear 300 on my new All-Glass 90 gallon tank.  It won't fit
because the plastic tank trim is too wide.  I could make it fit but I hate
to carve up a new tank.  I like the Aquaclear filters because they don't
use throw-away filter cartridges (can we say "cheapskate"?).  Does anyone
know if the Aquaclear 500 would fit?  I might add that I've got 4.5" from
the tank to the wall.  That was enough for the 300 but ...  I'd rather buy
a whole new filter than cut the plastic trim but I'd also like reuseable
media and easy changing.  I'm using a Magnum H.O.T. on an as needed basis
but for long term I like the waterfall effect of the Aquaclear better. 

A while back I asked about your experience with pc lighting from AH Supply.
 The response was good and I'll post the results later.