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Major algae problems!

Since this past July 7th I have had my first ten gallon planted tank up
and running.  The first month I battled Diatoms which I took care of
with 2 otto's, now I have green algae growing at a rapid rate on my
glass and very long, brownish green clumps that grow over night and get
a few inches long.

Here is my problem...I have no more money available to add any more
algae eating type fishes (honestly, bills come first:( ).

I have been changing 2-4 gallons of water a day for over a month...stuff
keeps coming.

Do I keep up with the water changes or do I just let it run it's course
and not do any more water changes.

Tank info.

2 otto's
1 bunch water Wisteria 
1 bunch  Egeria Densa
1 bunch Sagitaria subluvata
Fluvial 1 internal filter
CO2 injected into filter, silicon tubing, yeast DIY..1 bubble every 3-5
Compact fluorescent light 6 inches above water....20 watts 1260 lumens
82 CRI
plus south window light through lacey curtain
3 inches gravel with jobe's spikes ( I put in too many I fear) and root
tabs (0-0-3+iron)
PH of 7.2
I have only a PH test kit to do any kind of testing...no money right
I have read archives for weeks and they don't seem to help.  I bought
some Seachem Flourish for trace elements...would that help?

I can't get this algae under control.

Advice??  Sean.