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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #469

At 03:48 PM 8/12/00 -0400, James Purchase speculated:
>he sells Australian "Pine" driftwood and says on his web site
>that he finds it on local Florida beaches. If you ask me, that's a long way
>from Australia for a piece of wood to float, although I'm sure that it is
>possible. More likely, Dwight felt that he might make the product more
>"saleable" if he gave it an exotic name (and there is absolutely nothing
>wrong with that.....

Actually, James, unless Dwight has most of the FL preservation movement 
under his thumb, this (Australian pine) appears to be the common name of a 
pest species.   If you had plugged the name into your favorite browser and 
sent it to MetaCrawler, you would have found several on-topic hits that 
have nothing to do with "exotic" other than in the ecological sense.