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Jordanella Floridae and green spot algae problem


the scientific name of this fish is called Jordanella Floridae...

why is it floridae? is this the species name? and if so why is it called 
that because it's from there? or am i totally wrong... it's much easier to 
use the scientific name...

another topic... the Jordanella Floridae from my lfs seems very healthy.. 
but personally i don't like the looks of this fish.. and i've had problems 
of this fish nibbling on my plants..

without trying to jinx myself the only algae problem I've got is the green 
spot algae on my glass. (no i don't know the scientific name for this!!) i 
have to clean it off every 2 ~ 3 days... is this algae avoidable.. I've got 
some octo's in there they're useless.. my CAE works a bit better but still 
doesn't do too much..

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